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Mass-Flo EFI System

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Attention Mass-Flo EFI Customers!

For the past decade Mass-Flo EFI has been bringing you the greatest sequential port mass air EFI system in the market. In 2006 Mass-Flo EFI acquired Pro-M Racing and together Mass-Flo EFI and Pro-M Racing have revolutionized the mass air EFI industry. So when we decided to create the next evolution of EFI we also decided it was time for a new name, Pro-M EFI! Below on this page you can read about the all new Pro-M EFI Engine Management System but don't worry, we are not abandoning our Mass-Flo EFI customers. In fact we have created an upgrade to the new Pro-M EFI system for any Mass-Flo EFI customer. Additionally our tech support will still assist Mass-Flo EFI customers. Please read the following information on the new system and if there are any questions, don't hesitate to call or email.

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The fully programmable Pro-M EFI processor comes with tuning software and USB cable for tuning through the OBD II connection. The new Pro-M EFI processor will be shipped with the “tune” pre-installed. This tune will run virtually any engine right out of the box. It will also include a software package that will allow the user to make any modification to the engine you could ever want, and do so with amazing simplicity. The Pro-M EFI calibration software is simple and intuitive. You need not be a professional tuner to use this tuning software. The Pro-M EFI system can be as simplistic, or as sophisticated as the user wants it to be. Tune if you want to, or leave it alone if you don't. Everything you could ever want in a management system is right here!

Features of the new Pro-M EFI processor include:

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Water and shock proof for mounting under hood or inside the vehicle.

OBD II compatible. Codes read and cleared and sensor data read using a generic OBD II scan tool. The new Pro-M EFI processor uses the same code strategy and the same codes, that all of the OEM's use!

Fully laptop programmable. Your laptop also acts as a powerful scan tool. See data in real time. There is more information available to the user than you ever imagined possible. Much more than with any conventional scan tool, or any of the hand held programmers offered by the other guys.

Full control over both Air/Fuel ratio and timing. The latest fad are these "fuel only" EFI systems. They have no control over spark, so they are only doing half of the job. Pro-M EFI does it all!

Tuning software so easy and intuitive, most anyone can be a tuner. Fuel table based on "load" and "lambda". Spark table based on "load". If you are a tuner, you understand how easy this is. If you're not, you will soon understand how easy this is! You no longer have to spend day after day adjusting a VE table. No more guessing as to which values will give the results you want. The tune is already in there. Want to change it? Enter a number and the Pro-M EFI processor just does it. Simple as that!

Simple “One Click” tuning! You don't even have to watch the screen on your laptop! Want to tune on the fly? Let’s say you want to tune your Air / Fuel ratio on the road. Drag and drop the fuel table to the tuning box. One button will richen the mixture at whatever point you happen to be in the fuel table at any given time. Another one will lean the mixture. A third one will undo your change if you don't like the result. Just put your fingers on your keyboard and watch your wideband O2 sensors. Then just click your way to the optimum tune, and save your changes. This can be done with any table in the tune! It just doesn't get any easier.

Store an unlimited number of tunes. Write and re-write the processor as many times as you'd like. No towing your vehicle to the dyno. Tune on the fly, and see the results immediately. The software has a feature that copies the existing tune to another file, then runs the engine on that copy. Modify the copy anyway you'd like on the fly, and instantly see the results. This allows you to modify your tune, without actually modifying your tune! Like the results? Then save them as your new tune! Don't like the results? Just switch back to the original tune, and try again. Simple!!

Pro-M EFI makes tuning for forced induction super easy. In fact, since the tune is based on “Load”, no tuning will be required for forced induction in most cases. For those running high boost levels, you can adjust the tune slightly if needed. Even in those cases, tuning will likely not be needed. Again, the system can be as simplistic or as sophisticated as you want it to be. It's all here in one package!

Two ways to control timing retard for forced induction. Simply adjust the advance values in the spark table for load values that reflect boost. Sound complicated? It isn't! Or... Use the old method of ramping the timing back based on the amount of boost. The wiring harness has a connector for an optional 3 BAR MAP sensor (available from Pro-M). Just enter the amount of advance you want to pull out for each pound of boost. The MAP sensor is not needed if you use the spark table method.

Nitrous controls to be added in the near future. Ramp the nitrous up while ramping timing down, all with simple parameters right in the new Pro-M EFI Processor. Again, it's all here in one place. No need to buy anything else.

Easy, user adjustable Rev Limiter. Toss that old crude spark box in the trash. This is done the right way, and right in the Pro-M EFI processor.  2 stage rev limiter coming soon!

“Decel” feature cuts fuel while decelerating. Saves fuel! Progressive ramp in and ramp out makes the transition in and out of “Decel Mode” seamless.

Individual cylinder tuning! Done the right way! The competition may offer individual cylinder tuning, but their method for doing so makes it a worthless feature. They simply offer global changes. This does not work! If you want to do it right and tune each cylinder individually, we offer the only system that actually works, and it's simple to use!

Electric cooling fan control built right in! The wiring is already in the harness, and the parameters are already in the processor, all set up and ready to go. The Pro-M EFI processor will automatically turn the fans on and off based on coolant temperature, and will turn them on when the air conditioning compressor runs.

Ignition module problems are a thing of the past! The ignition module is integrated into the Pro-M EFI processor. The Pro-M EFI processor uses four individual drivers to run the ignition coil. With that kind of redundancy, your days of dealing with ignition failures are over.

Advanced timing control that actually rivals the accuracy and consistency of “Coil on Plug” type ignition systems! Distributor type ignition systems are typically victims of distributor gear lash. Consider also the rapidly changing speed of the engine. When the cylinder comes up on compression, it slows down. When it fires, it speeds up. These changes are very rapid, which makes the distributor gear lash become a considerable factor. The Pro-M EFI processor averages the signals produced by the distributor. This allows the processor to deliver consistent timing advance to all the cylinders. Something we normally only see with “Coil On Plug” systems. All of that said, if you want to run coil packs, or a “Coil On Pug” ignition system, you can do that too. The programming is already in the Pro-M EFI processor!

Want to run twin turbos, or twin superchargers? Wouldn't life be so much easier if you could run two Mass Air Meters? Now you can! The Pro-M EFI processor simply adds the two air flow values. It doesn't get any easier than that! Optional Pro-M wiring harness required.

Compatible with Innovate MTX-L wide band O2 sensors. Wide band O2 Sensors operate over a much broader range of Air/Fuel ratio than conventional sensors, offering more precise control over a wider range of operating conditions.

Two programmable outputs. What is a programmable output? It's whatever you want it to be! For example... Connect one of them to a shift light. Just tell the computer to activate that output at whatever RPM you desire.

Scope feature built into the software! Use the Lab Scope to examine sensor data on the fly, or record the data and examine it later.

Self protecting processor! The Pro-M EFI processor detects short circuits and will shut down that ECM driver if a short is detected. Of course, it will also turn on the check engine light, and store a code to direct you to the problem.

Self diagnosing processor! The Pro-M EFI processor continuously checks itself for faults. No more guessing whether or not the processor is the source of trouble. These processors are extremely robust, and have already been through the most rigorous testing in the industry long before going on the shelf, so the chance of ever having trouble with one is slim to none. But when doing diagnostics, wouldn't it be nice to know whether or not the processor could be at fault? No testing needed. If there is trouble, it will let you know!

Production quality processor! The Pro-M EFI processor is made by the same manufacturer who makes the processors for Ford. This is something you simply will not find elsewhere. The competition uses low production modules that cannot compare to the quality of our modules, and do not go through the rigorous testing that the Pro-M EFI Processors do. Our processors have to meet the same quality standards that the OEM's do. They are built in the same plant, side by side with the OEM processors. NO ONE ELSE DOES THIS! Furthermore, the software and code is written by OEM contractors. This entire project was a collaboration between Pro-M Racing, and the finest people in the OEM world. Quite honestly, everyone involved in this project is absolutely the finest in their field. There simply is no comparison!

There is no need to buy anything else. No spark controllers, no Boost Timing Module (BTM), no nitrous controller. Everything you could ever want to do to an engine can be controlled with the Pro-M EFI processor!

The Pro-M factory installed tune is, or course, Mass Air based, but if you want to run Speed Density or Speed Throttle (Alpha N), we'd question that choice, but you can, and no one makes it easier.

We cannot stress this enough...The real beauty of the Pro-M EFI system is that it can be as simplistic, or as sophisticated as you want it to be. It works perfectly right out of the box, but if you want to tune, you'll have the most powerful tuning software ever offered anywhere by anyone, and OEM quality components that will last a lifetime.

If you want the best, look no further. There is simply no other management system that offers the quality, features, reliability, and ease of use that we offer with the Pro-M EFI engine management system, period...