Methanol Nozzle Calculator

Welcome to the methanol nozzle calculator. Follow the steps below to select the correct nozzle(s) for your application.

Warning: The nozzle selection guide is just that... A guide. It was developed using information supplied to us by Snow Performance. It is the sole responsibility of the installer and/or tuner to decide what nozzle or nozzles are appropriate for the application. We accept no responsibility for any damage that may occur as a result of using this guide, or as a result of using this system in general.

Step 1:

How much boost are you making?
What is Your Flywheel Horsepower?

Flow Rate = Milliliter/min

Step 2:

Choose The Correct Nozzle Combination:
A) Single 625 Nozzle @ 1045ml/min
B) Two 625 Nozzles @ 2090ml/min total
C) Three 625 Nozzles @ 2670ml/min total

Step 3:

Choose the correct tables for your nozzle section. The “Meth Pump Open Loop DC” table (the two column table) should be entered into your calibration exactly as shown. The “Meth Desired Flow Rate” table (3D table) is an example of how you might want to configure your table.

Calibration tables for use with one (1) 625 Milliliter/min nozzle

Calibration tables for use with two (2) 625 Milliliter/min nozzles

Calibration tables for use with three (3) 625 Milliliter/min nozzles

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