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Progressive Water / Methanol Injection Controls Are Here!

Water/methanol injection has been around for a very long time. The benefits of injecting this miracle mixture into your intake are well documented. The problem has always been the way these injection systems are controlled. There is a lot involved in injecting water/methanol correctly, which is why standalone control systems leave an awful lot to be desired. Quality problems aside, you simply cannot do the job properly without the ability to compensate for the methanol by removing fuel, unless you plan on using up all of your correction factors, or writing a “tune” specifically for methanol. Furthermore, the fail safe methods used by the stand alone systems are flawed at best. Adding in the spark advance, which is the main reason we run water/methanol, is a job best done by the same system that is controlling the flow of the water/methanol mix. That way, when something goes wrong, the controller can immediately pull that advance back out. 

Now you can do it the right way....

The Pro-M EFI Engine Management System now includes water/methanol injection controls. This new controls package provides progressive control of the water/methanol pump. The flow of methanol is determined by a table in the calibration. You simply tell the Pro-M EFI processor how much you want to inject, and when to inject it. The processor will ramp the flow or water/methanol up and down based on your entries. It doesn't get any better than this...

The flow of methanol is monitored via one, or two (depending on the number of nozzles), flow sensors. Each sensor can support two 625 ml/min nozzles.

The Pro-M EFI system monitors the flow rate via the flow sensor(s) and:

1) Corrects the flow rate of the methanol by adjusting the duty cycle to the pump via closed loop control. You get EXACTLY the flow rate you ask for.

2) Calculates the amount of air mass the methanol is using up, and uses that information to correct the amount of fuel to be sprayed by the fuel injectors.

3) Adds an appropriate amount of fuel to the engine via the fuel injectors. Since the methanol is accounted for, the correction factors remain at a minimum.

4) Adds spark advance based on your entries in the “methanol spark adder” table.

5) Shuts down the meth control system should the flow rate be outside of the flow rate correction factor limits (tank is empty, clogged nozzle, hose popped off, etc.), and shuts down the spark adder. The check engine light will also be turned on. The OEM level OBD II diagnostics will indicate where the problem lies.

Finally... A water/methanol injection control system that works at an OEM level, and allows you to safely put in some of that spark advance you've been pulling out for your supercharger, turbo charger, or Nitrous. One of our test cars is actually running a supercharger, our progressive nitrous oxide controls, and our progressive water/methanol controls all at the same time. When you put the hammer down, the rush of power and acceleration is nothing short of amazing. The delivery is smooth, and there are none of the coughs and sputters or drivability concerns you may have come to expect with these things. The drivability is nothing less than production car quality. There simply is nothing like this available anywhere else, at any price.

Use our Methanol Nozzle Calculator to configure your Pro-M EFI System!