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Pro-M Racing Announces 2015 Spokesmodels

Heather Foster of Charlotte, NC Named 2015 Pro-M Racing Spokesmodel

Heather Foster West Brookfield, MA January 12, 2015: What is better than good looking girls and cars? That was the motivating question in Pro-M Racing’s decision to hold a Spokesmodel contest. In December of 2014 over 300 girls from across the country sent in their pictures, in hopes to be the 2015 Pro-M Racing Spokesmodel. The Pro-M staff then narrowed down the contestants to 36. The final 36 competed on Facebook, email survey and had to undergo a phone interview.

After all the voting was in Pro-M Racing decided that the top two girls would share some of the responsibilities. The Pro-M Racing spokesmodels will appear in marketing promotions both printed and online, calendars, trade shows and more.

Heather Foster, the overall winner, is a 28 year old stay at home mom and model from Charlotte, NC and Amanda Knolle, the first runner up, is a 28 year old marketing manager and model from Charlotte, NC. They will be the 2015 Pro-M Racing spokesmodels! “Winning the 2015 Pro-M Spokes Model is an honor, after having two children this is one of the things you think will never happen!” said Foster. Pro-M Racing was not concerned to hire a mother of two children, as the last spokesmodel of 3 years, Lindsay Paige is also a mother of two children. For Amanda Knolle the spokesmodel competitions are fun but not new, Amanda was the 2013 runner up for Miss Sprint Cup. “Being a Spokes Model for a brand like Pro-M is exciting. I have represented many companies but Pro-M’s approach to marketing is unique and exciting,” said Knolle.

Lindsay Paige is excited to turn over the reins to Foster and Knolle, as she is busy keeping up with all the promotions at Pro-M Racing. While customers will continue to talk to Lindsay when they call, and see emails from Lindsay, it will be Heather and Amanda that will be in the promotions. Over the years customers have come to know Pro-M Racing as the leader in aftermarket mass air technology. President Chris Richards has created a product line that is unmatched by any other company foreign or domestic. Richards said, “We are the leader in aftermarket mass air technology. Our mass air meters and EFI engine management systems have no competition. Heather and Amanda are perfect for our product line as they too have no competition!”

Pro-M Racing has big plans for their spokesmodels and many of the top 36 competitors from the spokesmodel competition. “Be on the lookout for the girls of Pro-M, we have several marketing initiatives that will feature the girls and help Pro-M Racing stay on top of the aftermarket industry” said Lindsay Paige.

To learn more about Pro-M Racing’s line of Mass Air Meters, Sequential Port Mass Air based EFI Engine Management System, spokesmodels or to see some of the models from the competition visit www.promracing.com or visit the spokesmodel page.