Coil On Plug for Pro-M EFI Management Systems

Pro-M EFI Coil On Plug

New from Pro-M EFI! Run Coil-on-Plug, or Coil Pack ignition on any engine with the Pro-M EFI Engine Management System!

Hotter Spark! Consistent Spark Advance! Super Reliable!

Perfect for Boosted Applications! Throw away that old unreliable CD Box!

No need to install crankshaft or camshaft position sensors!

Now you can have Coil-On-Plug, or Coil Pack Ignition on any engine with the Pro-M EFI Engine Management System! Even on older engines that do not have crankshaft and camshaft position sensors! On newer engines already equipped with Coil-On-Plug or Coil Packs from the factory, you'll simply use the existing sensors and coils. On older engines, we supply a sensor assembly that goes where the distributor used to be. Just install it in place of the distributor! This acts as both a crank and a cam sensor. You may have seen this before from some of the other guys, but this is done the right way! Our Pro-M EFI Processor cleans up the messy signal generated by camshaft driven sensors, and delivers a consistent spark to all the cylinders. It's every bit as good as later model, high data rate ignition systems, and it's super easy to install! No one else offers a system this simple, and this effective. But it's not only about consistent spark to all the cylinders, it's also about throwing a spark hot enough for even the most demanding conditions! Our Coil-On-Plug system for older engines utilizes the GM LS coils. And yes, the hotter ones with the heat sink! These things pack a punch!

Pro-M EFI Coil on Plug Distributor

Why Coil-On-Plug?

Any ignition coil will have an optimum charge and discharge time. This is the time required to throw the hottest spark the coil is capable of. But with a single coil, this becomes a problem. As engine RPMs increase, there is less time between cylinder events, and therefor, less time to achieve optimum charge and discharge. At some point (typically around 3500 RPM), there is simply not enough time anymore, and the spark power begins to diminish. As the RPM's increase, there is less and less time, and eventually, the coil will not have enough power to jump the spark plug gap. This is not typically a problem with naturally aspirated engines, but if you are running relatively high levels of boost, you can experience “Spark Blow Out”. There are three way to fix this. First, you can decrease the plug gap, but this will only get you so far. The second way is to add a CD box, which puts more current to the primary side of the coil, increasing the output of the coil. While this increases the output, it also shortens the duration of the discharge. It works, but it's not a great method, and these CD boxes are unreliable at best. That's why you will usually see a spare one in the trunk! The third, and by far the best way, is to increase the charge and discharge time. This is done by using multiple coils. A single coil will have to charge and discharge 4 times per engine revolution. Each coil in a Coil Pack system will only have to charge and discharge one time per engine revolution, and each coil in a Coil-On-Plug system will only have to charge and discharge one time for every two engine revolutions! Problem solved! Add to that the fact that we supply the GM LS coils, and you have an ignition system that is unstoppable!

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