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Welcome to the Pro-M EFI software download page.

Please click on one of the links below to download the appropriate software for your Pro-M EFI System.


Pro-M EFI Software for EFI Systems Purchased After September 1, 2019 and older systems that have been upgraded. Older systems must be upgraded with the Supplemental Harness to use this software. PC users please use Microsoft Edge when downloading.
(PC Version EXE) / (PC Version ZIP) / (Mac Version)


Pro-M Racing EFI Software for EFI Systems Purchased Prior to September 1, 2019
(PC Only)


Note: In most cases, customers using older systems may upgrade their system and take advantage of latest features by purchasing an upgrade kit. Please contact us for details. Please note that older systems that have been upgraded must use the newest version of the software.

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