Launch Assist Overview

In addition to our Traction Control system, we also offer our Launch Assist system.

Launch Assist is much like traction control, in that it uses a spark retard to limit engine torque. The difference is that it simply uses a spark retard that ramps out over time, rather than looking for unrealistic acceleration values via the speed sensor.

Launch assist can be used by itself, or in conjunction with our Traction Control system.

The Launch Assist system is enabled when you switch off the 2 Step Rev Limiter. Activate the 2 Step, put your foot to the floor, and when you switch off the 2 step, the launch assist will remove the desired spark advance, then ramp the spark advance back in over the desired time.

To set up the Launch Assist system, change “Launch Assist Enable” to “Enabled” as shown below. The “Launch Assist Min Throttle Angle” determines how far the pedal must be pushed to enable the Launch Assist feature. You can adjust this if you'd like, but this is not necessary.


Launch Assist Scalars


The “Launch Assist Time From Launch” table is shown below. The column on the left represents time in seconds from launch. The column on the right represents degrees of spark retard. The table below would represent 30 degrees of retard at launch that ramps out over a period of two seconds. Note that the “ramp in” does not have to be linear. The table allows you to create a custom spark retard curve. Simply experiment with these values until the best track times are achieved.

Additionally, our advanced data logging with “playback” feature will allow you to monitor wheel slip and help you to adjust this table accordingly.


Launch Assist Time From Launch

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