No Lift Shift Overview

No Lift Shift allows you to shift through the gears with a manual transmission without lifting the throttle. The benefits are obvious even with a naturally aspirated engine. In turbocharged or supercharged applications, this also allows you to do away with the drop in boost pressure associated with lifting the throttle. You'll improve track times and minimize abuse to the drivetrain as an added bonus.

Program as follows:

  • In the “Calibrations” area, drag “No Lift Shift” to the desktop.
  • Change “NLS Enable” to Enabled.
  • The “NLS Disengage Delay” is there to account for the time between when the clutch switch opens and the clutch actually engages. The time needed here will depend on how fast you are with the clutch pedal. Adjust as needed.
  • The “NLS Engage Delay” is there to account for the time between when the clutch switch closes and the clutch actually disengages. You will not need this if using the factory clutch switch, since the clutch will disengage first.
  • The “NLS Min TP” determines how much you must have the accelerator depressed in order to active a No Lift Shift.

The NLS section is shown below.


No Lift Shift


To use the No Lift Shift feature, simply hold the accelerator to the floor and shift through the gears as normal. The Pro-M EFI PCM will see that the throttle is wide open and that you have depressed the clutch pedal. The PCM will then activate a rev limiter that will 'Rev Match' the engine to the proper RPM for the next gear.

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