Pro-M Racing, LLC launches their new Dealer Program

Pro-M Racing launches their new "no barrier" Dealer Program to all shops, sites and more.

Jun. 4, 2010 - West Brookfield, MA - Pro-M Racing, LLC has announced the launch of their new Dealer Program.  This program will allow shops, websites, wholesalers and many more the opportunity to carry the Pro-M product line without stocking!  In the automotive parts world it is common to see companies offering drop shipping.  Pro-M has taken a different approach.  Their drop shipping is FREE.

With discounted products, no minimums and free drop shipping Pro-M is not only setting a standard in mass air meter quality but in the business world too.

"In this economy a lot of small shops and auto part websites are struggling.  We want to give them some assistance to weather the storm." said Chris Richards, President of Pro-M Racing, LLC.  Richards went on to tell us that the entire Dealer Package was designed for the in mind.

That is evident by looking at their "Become a Dealer" page on  They explain the top ten (10) benefits to see the worlds most trusted name in mass air meters and technology.

Richards also commented on their competition  "We have no competition.  There are others that sell mass air meters but they either use your factory sensor, don't ship product, don't respond via the phone or email, don't calibrate correctly or just simple do not work.  I do not consider that competition."  

Read the new Dealer Program information for yourself at

There are companies out there using the Pro-M  name to sell products that are not produced by Pro-M. These unethical companies ride on the coattails of Pro-M in order to mislead you into buying their substandard products. People are victimized by these companies every day. Be sure to ask if you are getting an actual Pro-M product. If you are unsure, feel free to call or email and ask if your distributor is authorized to sell our product.

Pro-M Racing, LLC is the standard in aftermarket mass air meters. Pro-M offers unparalleled products and service at prices you can afford. Pro-M also has a Dealer Program for those wanting to carry the Pro-M name!

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