Chevrolet LS Engine Management System

Pro-M Racing LS Jeep System

Pro-M Racing has been in the engine management business for over 10 years. Two years ago Pro-M Racing released the new Pro-M EFI management system. Since its launch there have been many free upgrades and additions to the system. Earlier this year Pro-M Racing released the progressive methanol control and the progressive nitrous control upgrades.

Pro-M Racing is now releasing the Chevrolet LS engine management system. The Pro-M EFI Chevy LS system is an OEM level mass air, sequential port electronic fuel injection system with full ignition control. No other aftermarket EFI system compares, as Pro-M Racing offers the only EFI system to utilize ODB II diagnostics, just like the OEM’s.

“While we have had systems for older Chevrolet engines for some time now, the LS engine was an area where we'd been lacking. This has not been due to a lack of interest, but rather a lack of time. My personal time to be exact. I've had an LS engine here in my personal shop for years, and a vehicle to put it in as well, but other projects always seemed to get in the way. And, since we won't sell a product until I have used it personally, we simply have not been offering an LS system. Now that our LS powered test vehicle is complete, and I’ve verified that the results are all that I'd hoped for, we can begin offering the Chevy LS system. Our customers will be pleased to see how much easier the Pro-M EFI system is to use than the other offerings out there, and just how well your engine can run with an OEM level management system," said Chris Richards, Pro-M Racing President.

The Pro-M EFI system will utilizes your existing GM coil on plug ignition system, as well as the original cam and crank shaft position sensors. All other sensor are provided with the Pro-M EFI system. This LS EFI System marks another innovative product release by Pro-M Racing. Since the Pro-M EFI systems use Load calculations to determine the Air/Fuel ratio and Spark Advance, the combination of engine parts simply does not matter. The system will be properly tuned when you receive it! Richards explains that despite the fact that no tuning is required, the Pro-M EFI LS management system is fully programmable. The customer can decide how much programming, if any, they want to do! Imagine an LS Management System that uses load based fuel and spark calculations, which means no tuning required.

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