Pro-M Racing Dealer Information & Rules

Thank you for your interest in the PRO-M Racing, LLC dealer program.  

We have created a system that allows our dealers to order the industry's finest products at a discounted rate, without necessarily maintaining stock or buying minimums. In addition, we allow several different ordering methods for your convenience.  With our “No Fee”drop shipping there is never a reason to maintain high levels of PRO-M Racing, LLC stock. 

The PRO-M Racing dealer program has four (4) different discount levels.  The levels are simple; JobberWDHVWD (High Volume) and CUSTOM.  Any shop or garage with a valid state tax exempt number or federal tax ID can get jobber pricing.  WD pricing is reserved for those dealers having the ability to move several products per week and who are actively marketing the PRO-M product line.  To be HVWD the dealer must purchase several products per order and be actively marketing the entire line of PRO-M Racing, LLC's mass air meters. Custom is for customers purchasing 50 or more of the same product at a time, and/or private label customers.  All dealers must sell at the MSRP or the dealer will be removed from the program.

Ordering is simple! We accept orders via FAX (336.644.2202), email (, phone (336.644.8668), voice mail and online at  No matter how dealers place their orders the pricing structure remains the same.  An email confirmation and a shipping confirmation including a tracking number are sent with every order.  

The process to become a dealer is also very simple. Read the dealer rules below, fax your Tax Exempt Certificate or Resellers Certificate to 336.644.2202 and place the first order!  Pro-M will then create an account on where you can see updated pricing information and place your orders.

Dealer Rules

  1. Dealers must have a valid Tax Exempt Certificate or Resellers Certificate on file at Pro-M Racing.
  2. Dealers are required to sell at MSRP/Retail pricing, as seen on 
  3. Dealers that sell on EBAY or other auction sites must sell at a fixed price. Auction style selling is strictly prohibited.
  4. Dealers are not permitted to register any domains/URL's with the name Pro-M or any of the Pro-M product line.
  5. Dealers are not permitted to use the Pro-M name or Pro-M product names to promote their general company in any media.  The Pro-M name or Pro-M product names may be used in a direct marketing campaign for the Pro-M product line only.
  6. Dealers are permitted to use the copy and images from the website but are not permitted to put their logo, name or watermark on the Pro-M images.
  7. Dealers may represent themselves as a dealer of the Pro-M Racing product line.  Dealers may not claim that they are in partnership with Pro-M racing, or that they are part of Pro-M Racing in any way.
  8. Dealers are encouraged to order online at for quick and easy order processing, but may also choose to utilize other Pro-M approved methods.  Depending on the situation, some dealers may be required to order online only.
Pro-M Racing reserves the right to terminate any dealer at any time if they fail to adhere to these rules.

Pro-M Racing reserves the right to change this information. Dealers are encouraged to monitor this page for updates.

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